Regular Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for A Student Visa - Read Details

There are many procedures and steps that you must follow, so many avoidable mistakes are made when applying for either a student, permanent, temporary or a visitor visa to Canada.
In this article, we will focus our attention on the common mistakes you are likely to fall victim to, when applying for a student visa and how you can avoid them. Make Sure you thoroughly go read through to Ascertain your greater chances of being Accepted.

Arrange Your Documents Properly
This may seem not important or useful, but your student visa can be rejected due to an improper arrangement of your documents.
You should arrange your documents exactly according to the guidelines provided by Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC).
Attempt to keep your paper works accurate and not overdo it. Don't add what you want to CIC, don't remove.

A Good Passport Photograph

Your passport photograph should be in line with CIC specifications. That is:
  • The size of the frame must not be below 35 mm x 45 mm (1 3/8’’ x 1 ¾’’).
  • The passport photograph must show the front view of the head in full
  • Your face must be in the middle of the passport photograph.
  • It must also include the top shoulders.
  • And lastly, from the chin to the crown the size of the head must be between 31 mm and 36 mm (1 ¼’’ and 1 7/16’’).

Pay the Right Amount of Fees

Before you commit or pay any fee, find the accurate amount in both Canadian dollars and your local currency value. Some countries have a shaky currency (the value fluctuates time to time when you compare to Canadian dollars). So try to find out the actual amount of fees and pay completely otherwise your visa will be delayed if you are lucky.

Send Your Application Early.

As a student, you can apply online if you have; an internet, a scanner or camera, and your credit card which has been the requirements. Or you could go to a Visa Application Center which is advisable especially if it’s your first time they would ensure that your application is completed.
Try to apply as soon as you are accepted to the university you applied for so that your visa will not be delayed thereby, making start your classes very late.
And lastly, ensure you attach to your application a medical exam report which should prove that you are healthy and you are not carrying a sickness that could threaten the lives of citizens.
You then need to add a police report or certificate to your papers proving that you are not a criminal, you have not been convicted for a serious crime (murder, stealing, kidnapping etc.). Depending on your nation of origin, you may be needed to pass another medical examination in Canada.
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